Who is BeingHealthful?

Who is ‘being healthful’?

Hiya. My name’s Katie, I’m 20 and am currently studying in the beautifully vibrant city of Liverpool.


My very own health and fitness journey began in the year of 2016, and I have come a long way since then. I’ve had my struggles, my tribulations and my successes.

I for years wanted to start a blog, however I never thought the right time had come… and in retrospect it probably wasn’t the best time. I struggled with finding my own voice + develop clarity in my thoughts and what I felt fit for sharing. Now, I am finally ready to ‘healthfully’ share my journey with you, that being food, travel, lifestyle or just me, Katie.

I hope you join me, I hope to use this platform to share the food that I’m eating in my own home and out of my own home, the places that I visit and wish to share and the lifestyle choices that fuel me through life ~ and the name ‘beinghealthful’ , I wish to share this information in a personal way and in a healthy way. Having come from an extremely unhealthy mentality and battle with my body, I now thrive and encourage a ‘healthful’ mindset to all actions and choices, and remind myself daily of what it means to be ‘healthful’, and want to share those thoughts and that journey with you!

Just as a little reminder to you all, remember there is no perfect way to live, to be or to eat. I love sharing what I have learnt, recipes that I love and places to visit, but in no way is this the perfect lifestyle. We are all on our own journeys, which I find just so beautiful and is something that I love to appreciate and reinforce.

If you want to read more about my personal journey feel free to visit the about me page, or read the posts under the tab ‘my journey’.

I hope to see you back here soon, and please follow along on instagram @beinghealthful.